maizie’s “over it” face is certainly my finest influence on her life to date. #LifeLessons (at jersey city homestead)

Well, we are at the point in the evening where @abigail_george has decided to DRESS DOWN someone for not knowing about #on_purpose pocket squares.

not only is Grace Hightower de Niro a miraculous woman and party hostess, she’s a force of nature in bringing trade, not aid to Rwanda. we may or may not be soulmates, sorry Bobby! (at locanda verde)

etc. (at other music)

just your typical Tuesday night country concert in Brooklyn! (at brooklyn bowl)

some days, “work” is a day #InStylishCompany with @katespadeny, @ks_saturday & @jackspadeny raising more than $40k for a community project near #on_purpose HQ & pie’ing your exec team in the face.

on Saturdays we wear blue and hang upside down. #FlyingYogi

typical Friday afternoon texts with @heyjilltherese #SoSingle #SoMuchWine

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